I mentioned back in August that I was drastically reducing my social media usage. Three months later I’m still largely disengaged from these systems. Here’s the current rundown of where I can and can’t be found.

  • Facebook: ❌ I’m disenchanted with the site politically on a few different axes, and enjoy having back the amount of my time it used to consume, so I’m still mostly off Facebook and don’t plan on going back any time soon. I do still log in for some purposes, such as interacting with event pages or getting a specific message I’ve been clued to expect. But aside from that, if it’s only on Facebook, I probably haven’t seen it. Right now my profile exists as a repository for my social graph and receptacle for automated notifications about updates to my website.
  • Twitter: ❌ Speaking of sites with which I am politically disenchanted, hey, Twitter exists too. I still log in to this one a bit more often than Facebook, though for (a) engaging with people about recent publications, or (b) talking about NBA basketball. Mostly the basketball bit. So unless it related to something I’ve recently published or the San Antonio Spurs, you can assume that I didn’t see what happened on Twitter either. Automated tweets about updates to this website are still active.
  • Instagram: ✅ I’m aware that they’re owned by Facebook, for whom I have profound ideological skepticism, but pictures of my friends’ pets are too crucial to abandon. This is where I’m currently most active.
  • LinkedIn: ✅ I like that LinkedIn has a monetization model that isn’t exclusively selling my attention to advertisers/propaganda agencies, so when I got off Facebook I set up a LinkedIn account. I have no real idea what I want to do with this, if anything, but if we know each other I’ll be happy to connect with you on there. It’d be nice for my social graph to exist in more than one place.
  • Tumblr: ❌ I mirror this site to Tumblr, but never look at it. If you like Tumblr though, you can follow this content there.
  • Snapchat: 🤷 My significant other uses this a lot, so I’ve started actually opening it sporadically. I have almost no connections, and I don’t really know what to do with it, especially now that Instagram has ripped off all of its functionality. But I have an account here I look at sometimes.

How to contact me if our social media presences do not overlap: send me a text or an email. If you don’t already have my contact information, you can reach me via email through my contact page.