Because I Haven’t Posted Enough Pictures Today

My friend Megan has recently posted about her hair, and my friend Kat is taunting everyone by making bold claims which she declines to prove, but which I am inclined to believe all the same (don’t tell).  I am inspired by these events, especially Megan’s comment:

I love when you ignore it for a while and it becomes hopelessly uninspired and the only thing you can do with it is wear it in a ponytail or look like a tumbleweed.

So, to join the fun, I share with you my hair at its most tumbleweedy.  Some time during my senior year in high school I decided, having never let it get longer than two or three inches, to see how long I could go without getting a haircut. This experiment lasted well into my freshman year of college, long enough to be immortalized on my university ID.  Unless I am someday gripped by a burst of highly uncharacteristic impulsivity, this is likely the weirdest my hair will ever look.  (Also, I will probably only have my hair for a few more years, so there’s that too.  Maybe, a decade or more from now, I will sit alone late at night, stare at this photo, and sigh profoundly to myself.)



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  1. It’s my favorite.

  2. Your blog blocked my HTML like a ninja.

  3. URLs are automatically parsed, if you want to post a link. Images in comments are apparently verboten.

  4. That’s kind of amazing, though I would say too sleek and gently frilled to qualify as a tumbleweed.

  5. I blame the natural feathering on being born in the 80s. Submit this theory to any critique you desire, my logic admits no flaw.

  6. If I had an account, I would be begging you to let me submit that to FARK for a Photoshop contest. It’s demanding one.

  7. So sweet! You look like you’d be my favorite character in any teen-geek movie.

  8. Whoa. That hair is, well, I know a lot of words, and it’s none of them. But it makes me smile.

    An you wish to, you may take a picture of my hair in Montreal.

  9. Ferrett: I’m not sure there is any possibility of improvement, though. Cosmetic alterations would merely distract from the deep wells of enlightenment reachable through meditation upon The Hair.

    Karen: Yay! I’ll have you know I’m awkward but big-hearted, creatively vindictive but only when deeply wronged, and well able to step in with advice beyond my years during third-act moments of crisis. Also: comic books.

    (random thought somehow inspired by your comment: what ever happened to webrings? Do those still exist? I want to believe that SAVED BY THE BELL enthusiasts around the planet are still virtually joining hands in blinking HTML.)

    Kat: I hereby challenge you to neologize 18-year-old E. J.’s coiffure. And I’m sure I will be taking pictures of your hair in Montreal. You’re like the most photogenic person I know.

  10. (blushes) Aw, thanks. Also, I hereby submit for your consideration that your hair is sleekendemalion.

  11. “Sleekendemalion.” I like it! But, what will the people think? I may need to put up a poll….

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