Come On Baby, Put the Rock in the House

Now that the Winter Olympics are here and people in America, briefly, care somewhat about curling again, I am suddenly reminded of the great good fortune we all had that the last Winter Olympics happened in a year when Jonathan Coulton was forcing himself to write a new song every week.  And one week he wrote about curling, giving us what may remain for all time the greatest song about that particular sport.

(The video is of the “splash a literal picture of the lyrics” variety, and tries to be a little too cute, but it’s the music that matters.)

It’s even better now that the games are in Vancouver than it was when they were in Turin.


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  1. I’m only surprised that they didn’t use an image of “the skipper” from Gilligan’s Island. How could they leave that out?

    Also, is this song a parody of another song? I keep thinking I’ve heard that “come on baby the house” with that tune before… and I probably should really know it… but I can’t think of it.

  2. I don’t think it’s a song parody. Jonathan Coulton has done a few covers, but most of his songs are original compositions released under creative commons license. He does play with a lot of different styles (Stroller Town, for example, is a brilliant Beach Boys impression) but the music is original.

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