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The Continuing Adventures of My Haiku

Remember how I wrote a haiku last week for a contest to have my name given to a character in John Scalzi’s next novel?

I won.

That’ll do, haiku. That’ll do.

I Have Written A Haiku

This is not common practice for me, but I have been drawn out of my poetry-opaque shell.  You see, John Scalzi is currently running a contest the winner of which will be Tuckerized in his next book. The challenge:

For the contest, write a haiku from the point of view of some who is either about to die or has just died, from one (or more!) of the following:

1. A spider monkey or monkeys;
3. Poor GPS directions
4. And, of course, Spontaneous Human Combustion.

The most popular choice appears to be a death that combines all of these elements, but I chose to focus on just one.  You can see my contribution in the comments at #16.