The Conquest of the Moon: a story of the Bayouda

For the very first time in years of WisCon attendance, this year I’m a scheduled program participant. All of my previous stints at the front of a WisCon room have been cases of standing in for missing folks. Here’s my schedule.

No One May Ever Have The Same Knowledge Again – Friday, 4:00-5:15, Conference 2. “Works of fiction rigorously documented by Meghan McCarron, Jen Volant, and Eugene Fischer (current Tiptree Award co-winner)”

Exposition in SF/F – Sunday, 2:30-3:45, Conference 5. “From ‘infodump’ to ‘the edges of ideas,’ readers and writers of science fiction and fantasy have a number of ways to describe exposition. But how do we actually *write* it? What’s the difference between an ‘infodump’ and a well-written description? What does ‘show, don’t tell’ actually mean? What are the specific exposition challenges that we face as writers of speculative fiction–and how do we solve them?”

How Does One Write Near Future SF? – Sunday, 4:00-5:15, University C. “We are looking at global warming, resource wars, the migration of large numbers of people, a fragile world economic system and a world political system that seems unable to deal seriously with real problems. How does a writer extrapolate from this mess into the future?”

I will also be at The Floomp on Saturday night, and the dessert salon and GOH speeches Sunday evening. Plus all the usual aimless floating around. Look forward to seeing everyone.