This is Klay Thompson. It turns out that he’s a really good basketball player.

Him being a really good basketball player is somewhat surprising, as–statistically speaking–he didn’t used to be. His WP48 his first three seasons were .003, .033, and .061, which are all below average. When the Warriors passed up the chance this summer to trade him for Kevin Love, I said we were going to be laughing at the team for years. But so far this season, under new head coach Steve Kerr, he’s putting up a WP48 of .221, which makes him the 25th most productive player in the entire NBA. It’s also significantly better than Kevin Love, who has somewhat struggled on his new team, the Cavaliers. Also notable, Thompson just broke the NBA record for most points in a quarter, with 37 against the Kings. No, really. He scored 37 points in a quarter.

The previous record for a quarter was 33, recorded by George Gervin of the Spurs, who did it without the benefit of a three-point line. But still. Klay Thompson is balling, and the Splash Brothers are now the best backcourt in the NBA.

So that’s me shown. At least we can all still laugh at the Thunder for the James Harden trade. He’s putting up MVP type numbers this season.