My Desk

(UPDATE: the configuration below ended up changing. Image of final state here.)

I’m still getting my new apartment in Austin put together, but the office is starting to take shape, so I thought I’d share a little of what’s been keeping me away from the internet for so long. Here’s my new desk setup.


The desk itself is a steel juggernaut, six feet wide with three file drawers, two box drawers, and an item tray. Above, on the wall, a cluster of personally meaningful things. On the far left is a National Merit Scholarship certificate. Next to that, a column with a plaque of my high school diploma bearing the NESA seal. Below that a photo of my NESA creative writing class, and below that my Clarion class. On the far right is a sketch by Tom Siddell, author of my favorite webcomic. To the left of that there’s my Bachelor’s of Science degree from Trinity University, and a photo of me with my parents on the day I got it. The middle column has my Masters of Fine Arts diploma from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and in the center a print I inherited from my maternal grandparents, of Gerrit Dou’s “Der Schreibmeister – The Writing Master.”


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  1. A few hours later, while going through file boxes, I discovered my certificate of recognition for graduating high school summa cum laude, and put that up too. Now all the photos are on the right-hand side of the print.

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