A More Genteel View of My New Computer

That last picture I posted was a little graphic.  I wouldn’t want anyone to get the idea that my new computer is strictly an opportunistic predator.  I assure you, it can be socialized.  Here we see it enjoying a glass of gewürztraminer and the composition of some new fiction.

You see?  That one little evisceration was an isolated incident.  It is, by and large, a gentle little beast.  Speak to it in soothing tones and don’t let it see you carrying any Microsoft software, and everyone gets along just fine.


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  1. I LOVE Gewürztraminer! I just discovered it in my wine club this semester, and I keep a bottle in the fridge now.

  2. Yeah. German whites are probably my favorite wines in general, and Gewüztraminer is my go-to when I want something only moderately sweet. (Sadly I cannot drink red wines, as they are a very reliable migraine trigger for me.)

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