Three Things Make A Blog

That’s what I’ve heard, anyway. And I think I can scrape up that many. First, some good news: my story “Husbandry” was given an honorable mention by Ellen Datlow for her anthology Best Horror of the Year Vol. 2. Thanks so much, Ellen, I’m thrilled to make your longlist.

Next, a digital version of the April/May double issue of Asimov’s, containing my story “Adrift,” is now available from Fictionwise. If you wanted to read “Adrift” but were unable to find a physical copy of the magazine, you can now download it here for about $5.

I need a third thing. How about a weird Turkish knockoff of Star Trek? It is based on the first episode of the show, “The Man Trap,” and has English subtitles. It steals footage from the original for effects shots and when the opening credits run too long for the Star Trek theme, they cleverly borrowed music from other science fiction shows to make up the difference. And the description says that it features once popular Turkish character called Omer the Tourist.


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  1. Congratulations on the Honorable Mention!

  2. Hey, just wanted to let you know I was going through Strange Horizons’s archives and I read your story Husbandry just today, and really enjoyed it! Thanks for writing a great story.

  3. Angie: So glad you liked it! Your blog is really nifty, both in concept and execution. I quite like your illustrations.

  4. Oh haha thank you so much! I’m really flattered!

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