In response to a caption contest for a picture of Manu Ginobili from last night’s game against the Orlando Magic (in which he scored 43 points), a user of the message board who goes by the name Interrohater penned a lovely bit of basketball mythology.

Basketball Fairy– The Basketball Fairy is an urban myth of a humanoid sprite that takes the form of a NBA player with a basketball for a head. It is said that if the Basketball Fairy appears, the colors that he wears will represent the team that will win the game.
Here is a controversial photo of a believed Basketball Fairy. Tim Duncan states: “He appeared in the middle of the Magic’s defense wearing Manu’s jersey. It was unbelievable. The Magic players stopped to look at the fairy and Manu scored 43 points with one shot.” Manu: “Claro, I’ve seen the Basketball Fairy before, he used to sell bolsas de arroz back in Bahia Blanca. I met him through Facebook.”