I’m been sick in bed all day, and the pressure in my sinuses seems to be pushing directly on the being-vaguely-pissy center of my brain.  But as many of my friends are sick too, we can all goof off on twitter together.

KatWithSword Have just learned that I am being nominated for a postdoc fellowship. Feeling very overwhelmed and honored.

glorioushubris @KatWithSword Woo! You are totally fellow material. I have always thought of you as a fine fellow.

glorioushubris Tomorrow I see the doctor. Today I stay in bed and practice trashcan basketball with sneeze-shredded tissues.

gralinnaea @glorioushubris Sympathy and empathy. Can we form a club?

glorioushubris @gralinnaea Let’s form a suicide pact, suicide pacts are way sexier than clubs. How about if we’re still sick come World Fantasy, we off it.

gralinnaea @glorioushubris Ok, check. I feel that this should be done in a dramatic and literary way. Hmmm …

ferretthimself @glorioushubris Not to horn in, but can I off myself, too? I think my body needs a deadline.

glorioushubris @ferretthimself @gralinnaea We need Gra’s ruling, but I think you’re welcome Ferrett. I conceive of this as a very egalitarian suicide pact.

gralinnaea @glorioushubris @ferretthimself Absolutely. Hmmm … how many people do we need before we can call ourselves a suicide cult?

glorioushubris Last night Facebook offers to make everything French for me. I decline. Today Facebook decides it knows what’s best, and I NEED French. Why?

glorioushubris In the preferences tab my language is still set to English, but everything is in French just the same. Why do you suck so hard, facebook?

ferretthimself @glorioushubris Dude, Facebook is frenching you. Don’t you know what that means when the most popular kid in town likes you that way?

glorioushubris @ferretthimself Shit! And here I thought I’d gotten less oblivious since high school!

KatWithSword @glorioushubris I don’t know whether I’m flattered, or full of the need to confirm you mean fellow in a nice, gender-neutral sort of sense.

glorioushubris @KatWithSword It’s no good desiring not to go among the fellows, for we are all fellows here.

gralinnaea @KatWithSword You’ll always be my favorite gender-neutral fellow … wait, that’s what you meant, right?

KatWithSword @glorioushubris @gralinnaea I just want to make sure that one can be a fellow, and still wear a bright pink breast protector while fencing.

glorioushubris @KatWithSword It would take some convincing to make me believe that anything says fellowship more forcefully than a barbie-pink breastplate.

Additionally, today’s being-vaguely-pissy music comes to us from The Kills.