A Flyer Put On My Windshield


I give classes, heal mexican style.  Good luck for Bingo, help you find work.  I heal different from others.  Cure drinking problem.  Good luck for money.  Run away bad neighbors.  Bring back husbands and boyfriends.

For the first time at this addresss.
Work with White Magic
I take away evil.  I give names of persons.
Tell you of past, present and future.


I’m actually considering calling to find out if his rates are reasonable.  This sounds like a dose of fairly harmless craziness that it could be fun to invite into my life.


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  1. Oh, wow. You should totally do it. Then report back. With many details.

  2. I am especially tickled that he is a professor and a brother and something of an angel. To test the true range of his powers, I think you should ask him to bring back your husbands and boyfriends.

  3. The thing is, E.J., you need to make sure that he doesn’t bring back your husbands and boyfriends at the same time. Otherwise, fisticuffs may ensue.

  4. Why, it had not occurred to me to have all my missing boyfriend and husband men returned. Such a burly group, with their arm hair and waxed mustaches and their fetching galluses. And fisticuffs! Oh my…I’m liable to make myself swoon.

  5. I had to look up ‘galluses’. Now I want some.

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