Worldcon Vs. Spider

I’m up, I’m finishing my packing for Worldcon, and in a few hours I will head to the airport.  I do have one nagging thing on my mind though: the rather intense itching on my ankle. I’m fairly certain I was bitten by a brown recluse spider about 32 hours ago when I slid my feet under the covers of my bed.  The bite felt like a pinprick, and not a bad one.  I now know this is indicative of a spider bite, but I didn’t at the time.  It didn’t really start showing clear symptoms of being a spider bite until after close of business yesterday, so I didn’t end up trying to see my doctor about it.  All the research I’ve done says that this will either turn into one of those big scary necrotic volcano lesions, or it won’t, and there isn’t really a lot of treatment to be done until it goes one way or the other.  So I’m going to go ahead and get on the plane, and if I have to I suppose I will get to experience some socialized medicine first hand.

Still, I wish to document my injury.  The bite after 32 hours (just sixty more and I am theoretically safe from skin necrosis):



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  1. Seriously, E.J., after all you’ve been through, don’t get taken out by a spider!

  2. You should have bitten the jerk back. Disappointed.

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