Things Are Different

The world today is a subtly changed place, full of mystery and curiosities.  The tide of popular opinion waxes on strange shores:


Long familiar things have mutated into nearly unrecognizable forms:


But the most important change of the day?  That would be this:


What?  You don’t see it?  Understandable.  Look closer:


My friend and former roomie Ferrett‘s first pro sale, “Camera Obscured,” hit the stands today.  I got to see the first draft of this story at Clarion, and was thrilled for him when it was bought by Asimov’s only a few months later.  This makes Ferrett the first Clarion ’08er to crack one of the so-called “big three.”  Asimov’s was the one my parents subscribed to when I was a kid, and thus retains a special, nostalgia-tinged place in my affections.  Holding a copy of it that has a friend’s story inside is pretty exciting for me.  Way to go, Ferrett!


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  1. Also, there is a photo of me in Sheila’s editorial! Which just makes it doubly awesome.

  2. So there is! And so it does!

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