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It has since been given new life under new ownership, but earlier this year it looked for a while like the magazine Realms of Fantasy was going to go under.  I was sad to learn that SF was losing a short fiction market, in this case one that I had never read.  I decided to rectify that.


There was a lot of good stuff in this magazine, but by far my favorite was the story “The Radio Magician” by James Van Pelt, an author I had never heard of.  I got online, found his LiveJournal, and started following.  He recently announced that his latest collection, titled The Radio Magician and Other Stories was forthcoming from Fairwood Press, and as publicity he would send out several ARCs to anyone who asked, on the condition that the recipients review the book on their personal web space.  I jumped on this offer.


It arrived in the mail yesterday, and I’m excited to start reviewing (though I probably won’t get to for at least another week).  This is the first time I’ve gotten an ARC to review since I was in high school, and the first ARC I’ve ever gotten for a piece of fiction.  Also, this was an excellent way to indulge my bibliophilia without violating my book-buying moratorium.  A definite win-win.  More on this collection forthcoming.

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  1. Okay, I realize this sounds like a spam message or commercial, but here goes.

    I’ve learned to at least temper my bibliophilia by trading books with paperbackswap. I started using this service a few months ago, and now I tell people to check it out.

    So… check it out!

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