I Guess We Could Call This BlurbFail…

The cover of the mass market paperback of The Last Colony, the third novel in John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series:


The cover of the just-released mass market paperback of Zoe’s Tale, the fourth novel in John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series, with an unfortunate detail highlighted:


It seems that I am the first person to notice this.  I suppose that if you are going to have your novel retitled through typographical caprice, it’s nice to get a new title that does at least make sense with the story.  Still, poor John Scalzi.  This seems like the sort of thing it was probably someone’s job to make sure didn’t happen.


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  1. There are worse fails, though. There was a recent science fiction book that got the name of the author wrong. And this was a well-known author, and a major SF publisher.

  2. Well-spotted!

    I still need to read these books.

  3. John: yeah, that would be much worse. This fail at least lives in a place where it isn’t going to get indexed, cross referenced, and given eternal life.

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