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The winner of my poll on what book I already own I should read next was A Fire Upon The Deep, by Vernor Vinge.  I will read this book soon, but it isn’t going to be the next book off the stack.  The real winner is: none of the above.  Kat has convinced me, in the comments on my last post, that Zoe’s Tale, by John Scalzi, needs to be bumped up in priority.  But I want to be able to appreciate it both in terms of its place in the larger OMW universe narrative, and its place in Scalzi’s body of work.  So I am going to do a marathon burn through the series, like I did last month with Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies, Pretties, and Specials.  Hence, the next novels I read will be The Ghost Brigades, then The Last Colony, then Zoe’s Tale.

And then, if I’m not feeling burned out on fiction again, A Fire Upon The Deep.  Unless I get seduced by Martin Millar’s Lux The Poet, which I saw while I was getting my copy of The Ghost Brigades, and had to buy because, come on, I’m only human.  (I’m never going to get my unread books list under 40.  This is why I refuse to let myself buy books online.)

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  1. I promise to use this power only for good.

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