My parents met and socialized with Theodore Sturgeon at the University of Kansas before they were married–they claim to have the only copy of Venus on the Half-Shell (written by Phil José Farmer pseudonymously) signed by the real Kilgore Trout.  EDIT: My father wrote to correct me: they got Breakfast of Champions, by Kurt Vonnegut, signed by Sturgeon as Trout.  I grew up on Sturgeon stories.  Memory fades, but I think my first Sturgeon was “Microcosmic God,” which was either actually read to me as a bedtime story, or was put in my hands by my parents as something to read myself to sleep with.  In college I wrote a comparative literature paper on the treatment of the mentally disabled by Theodore Sturgeon and Philip K. Dick.

This week’s story in Strange Horizons is a Theodore Sturgeon reprint.  And I can tell you, because I just got off the phone with them, that my parents are totally geeking out about their son’s name appearing next to Theodore Sturgeon’s on a table of contents.  My mother insists she is going to print out the page and frame it.  I’m pretty happy with this turn of events also.  I told my dad, “This is the nicest thing that doesn’t really mean anything at all that’s happened to me in a while.”  So thanks for the unexpected gift, SH!  As a Sturgeon fan, this is a clipping for my archives: