Powerful Medicine

Meanwhile, on Twitter….

glorioushubris Confession: When sick earlier this week, I impulse-bought a gold and black polyester robe embroidered with dragons to make me feel better.

glorioushubris Further confession: it totally worked. I am a medical genius.

mkazoo @glorioushubris Picture? I think such a robe should be documented for posterity.

KatWithSword @glorioushubris totally agree w/ @mkazoo Please give us photos

lnaturale @glorioushubris How could it not?

charitylarrison @glorioushubris I imagine you reading elric novels in it

kellysue @glorioushubris pix or it didn’t happen

aacooper @glorioushubris If only there were a medical version of the arXiv, you could share your discovery with mankind!

I bend to the will of the collective.  My robe:


Close up of one of the dragons:


Did I mention the robe is reversible?  It is totally reversible:



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  1. There are no words to describe the limitless awesome of this.

  2. Uh, so the next time I see you, could you please be wearing this? Either side would be fine, but the gold does have a certain irresistible shine.

  3. Wow. I feel better just looking at it!

  4. You are bringing that to Minneapolis, yes? Please?

  5. EJ Fischer, you have *the goods* my friend.

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