Immediate Post-Battlestar Reaction

Oh my gods, that was such a train wreck.  What the frak was Ron Moore thinking?

Decree: there is no last hour of Battlestar Galactica, in much the same way that there is only one season of Heroes.  Battlestar Galactica ends with the ship getting destroyed at the colony when they attempt to jump away.  The last hour is an insane fantasy that goes through the mind Kara Thrace (who is NOT a fucking angel pigeon) right before she turns the jump key.

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  1. Whassamatter, don’t you like heavy-handed metaphor?

    Actually, there were many things about the first half I quite liked, and the second half tries hard (a bit too hard) to tie up loose ends.

    At least that lame-ass Baltar finally gets a teeny-weeny slice of redemption, and Tory gets what’s coming to her. The theme was turning points, and each major character had one that changed the course of history, notably human evolution, yadda yadda.

    I was glued, anyway.

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