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Last night Neil Gaiman was on The Colbert Report discussing The Graveyard Book:

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And tonight on the BBC World Service, Geoff Ryman was brought on to discuss the propriety of the United Nations holding a panel discussion about Battlestar Galactica.  I haven’t been able to find a link to that segment, but my favorite part was the host asking, essentially, “might it not be considered irresponsible for the UN to look to a work of fiction for insight into real world events?” and Geoff answering, “Well, that depends on if you think of fiction as a lie or you think of fiction as a way of telling the truth.”


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  1. Oh, I love Geoff. That answer is a delectable little mouthful.

  2. Yeah, I heard him say that and told Val, who was in the car with me, “That answer is classic Geoff. He is always saying things like that.”

  3. Here is an Wired blog that discusses the UN talk with video links. Not the Geoff Ryman.

    So say we all!

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