The Hook

The hook is the bit that grabs your attention at the start, intrigues you enough to keep reading.  This entry isn’t much of a hook, but that’s okay–this blog isn’t much of a blog.  Yet.  We will see how it develops.

Regardless, I’m glad you are here.  Chances are, if you stick around, you will see a lot of changes going on here in the near future.  Do not allow yourself to be alarmed by this.  You are perfectly safe.  And while there isn’t much in the way of diverting content here yet, the upside of that is you can easily appreciate what is here in it’s entirety!  There’s an “About” page that has some links in it, and I’ve already filled the sidebar with some seriously awesome people.  And more is coming, I assure you.


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  1. I love this beauteous new repository of all things E.J. I have also decided that you are supremely photogenic.

  2. I welcome this new E.J. fix! And, you are drawing me nearing and nearing to the puckered sphincter that is Twitter….

  3. Oisin, don’t resist. You need to join so that you can see my wee little tweets.

  4. I’m still kinda amazed by that ancient profile photo above. I haven’t touched WordPress since Houston. Wow.

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