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Yet Another New Blog Theme

Because I’m fickle. I’m sure I’ll settle on something I like eventually. Until then, the nearly nobody who looks regularly at this website may enjoy a stimulating variety of layout and appearance.

New Blog Theme

I liked the spareness of the old one, but it didn’t look very good on mobile devices. Hence the update. About the only things I dislike about this one is that the formatting on quotations is a little large, and the navigation arrows at the bottom are reversed from the directions I’d prefer. I’ve put lush green grass in the header for now as an appeal for Spring to consider finally maybe arriving and sticking around.

Test: Posting From My Phone

I am in my hotel in Houston, where tonight I will see Jonathan Coulton in concert at the House of Blues. Surprisingly, my hotel does not seem to have wireless internet. But this affords me a good opportunity to test the iPhone WordPress client. If this works like it is supposed to, I should momentarily have a new blog post with a phonecam picture of my ticket to the show appended to it.

EDIT: Huzzah!

Website Changes: Links Page Updated

You may notice that the links to my Clarion classmates’ and teachers’ blogs are no longer in the sidebar.  They have been moved to my freshly-updated links page, accessible from any page on this site by clicking the “Links” tab in the header.  The page is a growing collection of pure, concentrated awesome, and I encourage you to spend significant percentages of your life visiting and revisiting its contents.

LiveJournal Synch Test

I have a LiveJournal account which, prior to my setting up this website, has seen intermittent activity.  I’ve decided that I want to experiment with synchronizing these two blogging services.  If all goes well, what I post here should show up there.  Let’s see if it works.

EDIT: Huzzah!

SECOND EDIT: But if I save a post as a draft on the blog, it publishes the draft to LiveJournal.  Boo!

THIRD EDIT: It looks like I can specifically tell it not to synch when I save a draft, but I have to do so by hand for each entry I am saving to post later.  Irritating, but not completely unworkable.  Meh!