Asimov's Science Fiction – April-May 2015––UPDATE FROM THE FUTURE: You can read the whole thing online here.––

It’s finally here! The April/May double issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction with my cover story “The New Mother” is now available to be read and enjoyed. Subscribers to the magazine probably have it already. There’s a long, free excerpt online at the Asimov’s site. If you like what you see, you can buy an ebook edition for only about three bucks!

Magzter – Probably the easiest way to get a digital copy. Buy it here and you can read it in your browser, or on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8+, or Kindle device. Making a Magzter account is totally free, you only pay to buy individual magazines–and way less than you would for a paper copy.

Android – Here’s the Google Play Store listing for the specific issue, which should work on most phones or tablets running Android.

Individual issues on other platforms are harder to link to directly. Here are links to the Asimov’s subscription sites for specific devices. You may be able to find the April/May 2015 issue (with the cover shown above) through these.

Kindle – Here’s the Amazon listing, which will let you read Asimov’s on any Kindle e-reader, or in the Kindle app on your phone or tablet.

iPhone or iPad – The iTunes store listing for Asimov’s. In iOS, you’ll get it via the Newsstand app. You can buy the individual back issue, or subscribe to the magazine. (You’ll be asked to sign up for a Magzter account. It’s fast and free. You’re basically doing the same thing as the first link, just through the Newsstand app instead of the Magzter app.)

Nook – The Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader listing. Coincidentally, Barnes and Noble is also an excellent place to get a paper copy of Asimov’s.

Kobo – Have a Kobo e-reader? Let me know if this link works. You are supposed to be able to buy individual issues here, but some of the info is contradictory. (I don’t have a Kobo, so I can’t test it myself.)

If you have any problems, tell me, and I’ll try to help you fix it or pass your information along to the folks in charge. And if you read the story and like it, do please let other people know.