This is a test of using to mirror the content from this blog to I’d prefer to mirror directly using some kind of plugin, but that doesn’t seem to currently be possible. Although it looks like it would be a built-in feature if this were a hosted blog, which is slightly galling. Also galling is that before the Tumblr redesign two weeks ago, I could have done it as an RSS import from the Tumblr account. And tools for going from Tumblr to WordPress are well supported–probably a sign of the zeitgeist, that. But I don’t actually want to dive fully into tumblr and make that my platform, I’m happy with my little website. So we’ll see if this works. It should be enough text for a meaningful test, anyway.

EDIT: It looks like the test was a success! It remains to be seen if the automatic trigger works; I triggered the sync manually this time. It’s supposed to check automatically every 15 minutes. I’m also not sure if edits to posts will sync. I’ll test that now.

EDIT 2: Nope. Only new posts sync over this way, not edits to existing posts. Oh well, it’s better than nothing. And the up-to-15 minute delay should take care of most of it anyway. When I edit posts it’s usually to fix spelling errors and such shortly after posting. But the Tumblr mirror may not be a perfectly accurate reproduction of this blog. Good enough for now, though. This concludes tonight’s test. Please resume your lives.

EDIT 3: One blog update later, can confirm that automatic sync works.