The tiny computer in the trio was a Dell Mini 9, which I got for free from a friend who also got it for free.  (He was the head of IT for a local construction company, and for a while was a high volume Dell customer.  They were apparently handing out base system (4gig SSD, 512 RAM) netbooks as samples.)  It would be nice if I could use it for work, but unfortunately it has a keyboard with a nonstandard layout.  The quotes key is below the period key, and the top row of letters is not offset from the middle row.  So no easy typing.  But since I can’t use it for work, that frees me up to use if for fun experimental stuff.  I did this to it:

The little guy is now a hackintosh.  To make this work I had to get an SSD big enough to hold OS X, so I picked up a 16 gig for $60.  I also used a lot of information (not to mention a few different bootloaders) found on the forum.