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This is my brain, age 20.  Is there a story out there somewhere in which a character pays extra to get his own copies of an MRI? That may have had a real world inspiration.  I got this because I was having weird twitching convulsion things that eventually just went away on their own.  No good diagnosis was ever provided, the best the neurologist came up with was sleep deprivation.

I ran across this while digging out my college ID picture for the previous post.  It occurred to me as I looked at it that if I were to post it online, and then at some future point society shifts to using brain geometry as a form of identification, I might be screwed.  But the fun of showing off my own brain eventually overpowered my fear that the future might turn out to be a work of science fiction from the 70s.


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  1. While not anywhere near as cool as an MRI of my own brain, when I had an epidermal inclusion cyst cut out of my neck a couple years ago, the doctor let me take that home…

  2. Just showed this to my sister, who has a fascination with neurobiology (she would go fangirl over Oliver Sacks if she ever met him). She thinks it’s “pretty cool.”

  3. Your sister and I have something in common, in that I also would go totally fangirl over Oliver Sacks if I ever met him. Glad she liked it.

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