For the last few days I’ve been playing DVDs of House M.D. as background noise while I work, and just heard the following, from the season 3 episode “Top Secret.”

HOUSE: I haven’t peed in three days!

WILSON:  You’d be dead.

HOUSE: I’m not counting intermittent drips.

WILSON: You’d be in agony.

HOUSE: I passed agony yesterday around 4:00.

In 2003, September through November, I experienced a frequently misdiagnosed condition that eventually turned out to be Strattera shutting down my parasympathetic nervous system.  As a result, I went about 45 days without peeing, except what came out due to over-pressure.  And I wasn’t taking a dozen Vicodin every day.  So I probably have a little less sympathy for House than the writers intended.