Facebook Has A Plan For Me

Facebook, which always has my best interest at heart, communicates with me through the ads it chooses to place on my profile page.  I have just decoded its latest instructions:


I am to set up a social networking website that lets me achieve wealth by acquiring free samples of Huggies and selling them to the vast market of nontraditional urination enthusiasts.  EugeneFischer.com will soon be relaunching with an exciting new design!  Suck it, recession; Facebook’s got my back!

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  1. If you use Facebook in Firefox you can install Ad Bocker and get rid of those things. I’m so glad I did it. Now Facebook can only annoy me with all the feeds it shows me. 😛

    I’m a longtime Opera fan, but Adblocker and Flashblocker have made me heart Firefox more.

    (Still trying to figure out what that bear is doing in that last pic.)

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