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It was an accident at first, and then a week and a half of having this website had gone by and I noticed I had not missed a day yet.  So I started doing it on purpose.  And I even came up with a reason why blogging something every day was a good thing: just putting something out into the world helps me lower my perfectionism bar.  Perfectionism is just procrastination wearing a fancy coat, after all, so forcing myself to put something up here every day could have the knock-on effect of helping me relax my internal editor.  Help me work on my other writing projects in a more focused manner.

But today all of my ideas for things to put up here would actually take me too long to develop, and I want to use that time to…gasp…work on my short story.  So please enjoy this meta-post while I am off working on fiction.


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  1. Sweetly done! “Perfectionism is just procrastination wearing a fancy coat.” I’m starting to think that blogging is procrastination dressed up. Well, maybe a little dressy, now and then.

    Just dropped in with a link regarding the RaceFail discussion.

  2. And, I swear, every time I pop in, I see something on your Five Random Books that’s on my shelf as well, like Pride of Baghdad, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and Promethea. Tell me you’ve read Y: The Last Man.

    Great minds think alike. Or maybe just geeky minds (that’s a compliment, too).

  3. I think knowing your style, this is a very good idea.

  4. Tracie: Thanks for the link. I bought every issue of Y: The Last Man. It was, in fact, one of the last series I was still buying issues of before I switched to only buying TPBs. Actually, though a majority of the books in my LibraryThing profile are graphic novels, it is still an under representation because only the titles I own as collected editions are on there.

    Ferrett: Thanks, I’m optimistic about it.

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