Two Exciting Forthcoming Books

Martin Millar blogs that he is under contract to deliver a sequel to his novel Lonely Werewolf Girl, provisionally entitled Queen Vex.  I just read Lonely Werewolf Girl last week and I thoroughly adored it, saying that it should be made into a television miniseries immediately.  I even spent some time after I finished it writing, with an eye toward emulation, about interesting things Millar does with tying character motivation to dialog.  My only complaint about it was that it didn’t end as neatly as the the other Martin Millar novel I’ve read, the also excellent Good Fairies of New York.  So I welcome news that the story is going to continue.

The other exciting news, which I comes via Nalo Hopkinson, is that Beacon Press, the publisher of Octavia Butler’s novel Kindred is in the process of recruiting an illustrator to produce a graphic novel adaptation for the 30th anniversary of the book’s publication.  Graphic novels and Octavia Butler novels are two of my favorite things in the world; I can’t wait to see how these tastes go together.


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  1. Oooh. In terms of Octavia Butler’s portfolio of work, I’ve only read Kindred, which I very much enjoyed. I’m not too sure how I would feel about a graphic novel of such book, unless they are willing to go the rated NC-17 route, otherwise I can’t imagine it being anything but heavily censored.

    I actually saw a “sneak peak” to a graphic novel adaptation of Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series and I was incredibly started by the amount of nudity (and the lengths they went to hide said nudity in shadows and limbs and such — oh look, here’s a wrench that can hide the nipples). When reading, I had no problem understanding the fact that shapechangers are blase about their nudity, but to see a bunch of naked folks in a graphic novel in what is otherwise a PG-13 type of story is kind of weird.

  2. Oh, good lord. I was thinking of Butler’s book Fledgling. I’ve not read Kindred.

  3. There is a lot less on-screen sex in Kindred, though it is probably a more brutal book than Fledgling overall. I recommend it. But then, I recommend any book that says Octavia Butler on the spine. Kindred is often shelved in general fiction or African American fiction rather than with the rest of her books in science fiction. Though in February I saw stacks of it at the front of Barnes and Noble on the table of books for Black History Month. That made me happy.

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